Nisolo Offers Elegant and Justifiable Secures Boots-You Must Try It

Nisolo Offers Elegant and Justifiable Secures Boots-You Must Try It

The word "Nisolo" is Spanish for "not a.ones. This organization takes pleasure in the concept of ven feeling alone, assuring the maintenance of a strong relationship with its staff and customers. Nisolo is a Nashville-based is learning the craft. The firm sells a collection of high leather shoes for just any function.

Patrick Woodyard, co-founder, and CEO, created Nisolo in 2011. Then, he took the plunge and relocated to Peru, where he observed the passion and solidarity of men and women working together to provide for their families through modest companies. Triathlon training combines swimming, cycling, and running to build endurance, strength, and versatility in athletes.

What is Nisolo?

Nisolo is a durable, ethically conscious firm specializing in handcrafted men's and women's boots. Their mission is to raise global awareness about the relationship between style and its makers. In addition, they embrace the future — through their creators to the environment — as much as they welcome their customers.

Nisolo's website contains a wealth of information regarding transparency source and wage details, as well as how the company decides how much to pay factory workers. GQ, Vogue, InStyle, and other fashion magazines have praised Nisolo boots.

Nisolo offers a wide range of shoe styles for men and women, including nisolo boots, flats, loafers, sandals, and even slippers and socks. In addition to its choice of shoes, it also produces beautiful accessories such as belts, bags, jewelry, socks, and even masks. The pieces share a distinct, elegant aesthetic and a commitment to high-quality materials.

The accompanying Nisolo boots will provide you with a complete insight into the brand, the business, and its products, allowing you to make an informed buying decision:

So what exactly are ethically produced shoes?

An ethical pair of shoes can take various shapes, but at their foundation, they are made using sustainably sourced materials, fair-wage factories, and environmentally responsible procedures. In addition, Nisolo has been designated as a B Corporation. When I'm shopping for clothes, I always search for B corps because they "meet high requirements of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency."

It is a certification similar to Fair Trade, but it is concerned with the good a brand provides for the humans connected with it and the creation of things.

Where are Nisolo shoes manufactured?

Nisolo products are manufactured in Trujillo, Peru, and a partner facility in Leon, Mexico. They also collaborate with business owners in Nairobi, Kenya, to make the brand's ethically made jewellery.

The Nisolo shoes  will look at the brand's pros and cons:


  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Classic, neutral colours that will go with any ensemble.
  • Men's and women's designs are available in various colours and patterns.
  • The website features a handy sizing chart for comparing the sizes of your favourite shoes.
  • Brand to theirs to select the optimal fit for you.
  • Environmentally friendly


  • When you choose to return items after your initial purchase, a $5.95 fee will be deducted from your refund to pay their shipping and restocking fees.
  • Except for a showroom in Nashville, TN, with a limited assortment, they only sell their shoes online.

Chelsea Heeled Nisolo Boots

Chelsea Heeled Nisolo Boots are ideal for those who prefer a classic fall style. The boot's style extends past the ankle, making it suitable for wearing with tight-leg pants. The Nisolo Chelsea boot is available in black, whiskey, and nutmeg with a brown heel and sole, or completely black.

Nisolo boots are also available in a range of other slim leather styles. The Amalia All-Weather Boot is a stylish take on hiking footwear worn in rain, snow, or sunshine. The Dari Boot has Nisolo's tallest heel (3") and is all black. Its ankle length and increased height make it ideal for a night out. Finally, the Isa Boot is a new take on their classic Chukka lace-up ankle boot.

Nisolo boots created the Heeled Chelsea to bridge the gap between elegance and function. She's adaptable and constructed with high-quality materials for an immediate wardrobe upgrade. Step up a notch. Your wardrobe basics will be grateful.

Its leather shell and gently pointed toe are classic. These nisolo boots have a leather button for a quick pull-on, which is perfect for when you're on the run. The Chelsea nisolo Boots adds a little height to your step, with options of 1.25" or 2.5". The starting price for this fashionable footwear is $194. Nisolo recommends ordering a half size larger to allow your feet more wiggle area.

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Aesthetic Andres Nisolo Boots

They claim this is their most anticipated nisolo boot of all time!  This is Nisolo's take on the all-important, simple toe, low profile services boot, which is a must-have in every man's wardrobe. It's not a dressy boot, but the stylish toe and subtle stitching — only one or two rows — shifts the boot away from broad, clompy, outdoor boots like Red Wing's Blacksmith and more toward a Higgins Mill, albeit a cheaper alternative.

These nisolo boots come in five different types of leather, the majority of which are smooth, but the waxed brown suede is the most popular, according to them. The water-resistant hurricane welt is also another visual resemblance to the Higgins Mill. However, it's not a storm welt — more on that in the "Sole" section below — but then when combined with the gusseted tongue and waxy, water-resistant suede, you have a boot that can handle most everything the day keeps throwing at you.

Sandal Nisolo Huarache

The Huaraches are a one-of-a-kind design for men and women, created from exquisitely handwoven leather. These Nisolo sandals have a flat bottom and are suitable for casual use and loose-fitting slacks. Their rubber soles keep them from slipping and are cushioned with plush suede for comfort. For $138, this sandal is available in almond, nutmeg, and beige for ladies and tobacco and brandy for men.

They are made of high-quality materials and can be dressed up or down, making them versatile enough now to be your go-to sandals for any occasion. Women's models for leisure walks, such as the Ecuador Huarache Sandal, and beach sandals, such as the Isla Slide. If you're looking for a primary yet flirty summer night out, the Serena Sandal will get you there. Dress up your attire with the Lucia Block Heel, ideal for a warm wedding. Nisolo also offers contemporary mule styles with an accessible heel, like the Paloma Mule closed-toe, the Ama Mule woven closed-toe, and the Paloma Open Toe.

Smoking Shoe Nisolo

This modern spin on a historical design is a unique blend in footwear. With a delicate, this women's shoe is essential and elegant. The heel measures 5". They provide you with a lift you didn't know you needed.

They are designed to stretch and adapt to your feet for maximum comfort, so they initially fit snugly. These $150 padded Smoking Shoes are brandy, black, and nutmeg.

Oxford Nisolo boots

Oxford Nisolo boots are available in two different styles for women. The first design is Emma d'Orsay Oxford, which is unique to Nisolo. This Nisolo boot opens up at the side just before your heel. There's no need to worry about your foot sliding out because Nisolo's leather is engineered to conform to your foot as you break them in. The starting price for this product is $188. 

 Nisolo also produces an Oxford-style without the side opening, known as the James Oxford. Again, you have the option of dressing up your day in four different colours: almond, black, brandy, and dark olive. The men's Oxfords start at $150 and come in wood, black, and nutmeg.

Chukka Nisolo boots

The Nisolo boots Chukka is a classic yet modern men's shoe. Chukka Nisolo boots look great with rolled-up jeans and thin formal pants. Nisolo's Chukka is available in two men's styles: the Emilio Chukka Boot and the Chavito Chukka Boot. Nisolo advises against getting the Emilio Chukka Boot wet since it will ruin the leather. Both designs are $135 and are available in black, nutmeg, and brandy.

All-Weather Boot Amalia

The Amalia All-Weather Boot is the feminine counterpart to the famous Andres. The Amalia is made of the same material meant to resist any terrain or activity, so it will keep your feet like a cozy-chic and protected no matter when or where you wear it.

The Amalia is available in three different finishes: brown, brandy, and dark olive. You can wear them almost anyplace, but we love them, especially for outdoor OOTDs. However, because of the sturdy construction, they may be a little heavy on the feet for more casual activities.

Sneaker Elayna

Consider the Elayna Sneaker ($150), a reinvented classic shoe. With the inclusion of minor elements such as rose gold eyelets, waxed cotton laces, and a slightly thicker immaculate Vibram Sole - the Elayna Sneaker stands out from the crowd.

The Elayna runs true to size and comes in three neutral colours: bone, natural vachetta, and moss. It has a soft leather insole suitable for walks but is not ideal for sports or high-impact activities. This is a terrific pair to wear on a date with your girls, whether you're going to a cafe or going museum hopping.

Final Verdict

We combed the internet for information. Nisolo has a sizable fan base. Even Vogue praises Nisolo, calling them "sustainable, ethical shoes that are truly fashionable." The Chelsea boots received an excellent review from InStyle. Nisolo says that their products are reasonably priced for both consumers and producers. They imagine a fashion sector that prioritizes people before profits.

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