Apple's iOS 15.4 introduces 37 new emojis

Apple's iOS 15.4 introduces 37 new emojis

Texting on your iPhone has become a little more entertaining with the addition of new smileys, a lip-biting emoji, and kidney beans.

iPhone users received iOS 15.4 last week, including numerous new features such as mask-friendly Face ID, a general-neutral Siri voice, Universal Control, and 37 new emoji. iOS 15.4 is available for download now.

In addition to seven new smileys and several extremely special objects, as seen in Unicode last year, the upgraded emoji collection includes some particular things.

(Are you perplexed as to what these emojis indeed mean?

We'll assist you in deciphering them here.)

Some new gestures have also been introduced, such as two hands making the shape of a heart, much to the delight of K-pop enthusiasts.

Pictograms for pregnant women, a saluting face, and several interracial handshakes are among the other prominent emojis in use today.

See the list below for a complete listing of the emoji available in Apple's iOS update.

  • Melting face
  • Face with open eyes and hand over mouth
  • Face with eye peeking from behind hands
  • Saluting half face
  • Dotted line face
  • Face with diagonal mouth
  • Face holding back tears
  • Rightward hand
  • Leftward hand
  • Palm down hand
  • Palm up a hand
  • Hand with index finger and thumb crossed
  • Index finger pointing at the viewer
  • Heart hands
  • Biting lip
  • Person with crown
  • Pregnant man
  • Pregnant person
  • Troll
  • Coral
  • Lotus
  • Empty nest
  • Nest with eggs
  • Beans
  • Liquid pouring out of a glass
  • Mason jar
  • Playground slide
  • Wheel
  • Ring buoy
  • Hamsa (the hand with the eye, a Middle Eastern amulet)
  • Disco mirror ball
  • Low battery
  • Crutch
  • X-ray
  • Bubbles
  • Identification card
  • Heavy equals sign

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