Battery drain caused by iOS 15.4 update? It's not just you

Battery drain caused by iOS 15.4 update?  It's not just you

Many people have complained about power depletion after upgrading to iOS 15.4 on their devices.

In recent weeks, Apple has sent out the newest version of its iPhone operating system, known as iOS 15.4. The update includes:

  • The use of Face ID with a mask.
  • A gender-neutral speech option for Siri.
  • AirTag anti-stalking warnings.
  • Live interaction with Notes and Reminders.
  • The long-awaited release of Universal Control.

Taken to Twitter, one user expressed his dissatisfaction with the power drain caused by iOS 15.4.

Why is it that Apple can never get its launches perfect the first time? The stock is down 5 percent in less than 10 minutes.'

Yet another user shared a snapshot of how their battery has been rapidly reduced after applying the update, along with the message: 'SOS Apple.' 'The battery is depleting very quickly.'

One user shared their experience, saying, 'My battery drains so quickly when I upgraded my iOS to 15.4.'Fortunately, it is doubtful that the battery difficulties will continue indefinitely.

The battery health of your iPhone should be checked if you are concerned about the health of your battery, and it has been a few days after you upgraded to iOS 15.4, according to Mr. Kingsley-Hughes.

In Settings > Battery > Battery Health, if the notification says that the battery is in excellent condition for Peak Performance Capability, then it's either typical system behavior or a glitch,' he said.

However, although the new features bring with them a slew of new capabilities, some users are now alleging that their iPhones' battery life has been adversely affected as a result of the recent upgrade. This is a little unexpected considering the fact that the iOS 15.4 beta program went through five iterations before being released.

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