The Best Beach Towels Of 2022 with Buying Guide

The Best Beach Towels Of 2022 with Buying Guide

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to the best beach towels: Some tourists choose ones that fold up into almost nothing, while others prefer ones that keep them sand-free. Families, on the other hand, may emphasize size over anything else. Nevertheless, there are basic requirements that every excellent towel should meet, regardless of what kind of trip you're packing for (or if you're only going to your backyard).

After toweling off, you want it to be soft, comfy, and spacious enough to lay out on and wrap about yourself. But, of course, there’s lots of diversity beyond that, so we put some of the best towels on the market to the test to see which ones are worth spending your money on—and packing in your suitcase.

Check out these best beach towels on the market right now, including an oversized family-friendly towel, quick-drying alternatives, and one that begs to be the hero of your holiday photos.


Best Overall: Dock & Bay Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

Dock & Bay's Cabana Towel takes the top spot in our overall towel rankings thanks to its cost, variety, and availability. While we usually recommend a cotton towel for maximum absorbency and air drying, this one is constructed of a special polyester/polyamide blend that dries three times faster than other towels and repels sand.

There's a style for everyone because it comes in 18 distinct striped variations, as well as dozens of additional motifs, including spherical beach blankets. It even comes with its carrying bag, so you won't have to worry about sand and surf getting into your beach bag.

The beach towels are available in two sizes: large (35 x 63 inches) and extra-large (35 x 78 inches). You may even add personalization for an additional charge, making it a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.

Best Budget: Ben Kaufman Cheap Beach Towels

Are you looking to stock up on supplies? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The Kaufman Striped Towel Set has four standard-sized towels at a reasonable price. These towels, made of velour cotton, are heavier and have a cushier, thicker feel, making them suitable for use in a backyard pool.

Additionally, the candy-colored striped alternatives are appealing and ensure that no one forgets which towel belongs to them.

Best Splurge: Slowtide Sundown Large Beach Towels

Towels should serve a practical purpose, but they can also be works of beauty. Take, for example, the Slowtide Sundown towel, which has a sunset-colored checkered design. It even features a sewn-on leather brand label for a luxurious touch.

However, this selection is about more than just appearances. With a size of 40 by 70 inches, it can comfortably accommodate two or more sunbathers. It's also made out of short loops for maximum absorbency while in use. In addition, selvedge edges (stitching around the exterior) guarantee long-term durability. It's also better for the environment because it's produced from sustainable recycled cotton.

Best Personalized: Mark & Graham Classic Stripe Beach Towel

A beach towel from Mark & Graham is hard to match when customizing options. This towel is constructed of excellent 100 percent Turkish cotton and combines the spirit of a classic striped towel with a modern hand-knotted tassel fringe. But, of course, the fact that it's huge (40 x 72 inches) is the cherry on top.

You can choose from six vibrant colors and add embroidered initials, a name, or a message to personalize it. You may also customize it with various fonts and thread colors to make it uniquely yours. Of course, you'll want to make one for yourself, but the towel would also make a great present.

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Best Cotton: Amado Beach Towel

Matouk's Amado Beach Towel & Blanket is a must-have for every beach bag, with a classic cabana stripe and 100 percent cotton construction. The towel, which is completed with a trendy fringed edge, is lightweight, so you won't have to use much energy carrying it to and from the beach.

The design is available in five different colors: red, ocean, opal, pebble, and navy, all of which would light up any beach setting. Though it comes in a typical beach towel size, you may upgrade to a beach blanket for a larger size with the same style and feel.

Best Oversized: Parachute Oversized Beach Towel

You won't need a beach blanket if you carry Parachute's Oversized Beach Towel, which measures 57 x 70 inches. It's like spreading a cool tasseled rug in the sand, except better because it's made of soft, absorbent, and quick-drying Turkish cotton.

This option comes in two striped color combinations: white and clay and putty and white, with a fashionable fringe feature on each. Because of its lightweight fabric, which can be folded or wrapped up compactly, this towel, despite its size, will not weigh you down.

Best For Kids: Pottery Barn Cute Beach Towels

It's no surprise that our greatest beach towel for kids comes from Pottery Barn Kids, a top name in premium goods for adults and children alike. This bestselling gender-neutral design features a hood (of course) and is 23 by 34 inches, making it ideal for water lovers weighing up to 30 pounds.

While your child will like the soft cotton velour texture, you will appreciate how robust, absorbent, and OEKO-TEX certified is for ultimate safety. Even better, it has a UPF 50+ rating. It's also machine washable, so you'll be able to keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

Best for Travel: Tesalate The Alchemist

Consider Tesalate's towel if you're worried about damp, sandy towels on your beach day. This pick was designed in Australia for easy transportation and will have you set to hit the road, whether you're going to or from the beach.

It rolls up super compact and comes with its carrying case because of its standard size (31 x 63 inches) and thin construction. It's constructed of AbsorbLiteTM fabric, which has a high absorption rate and dries quickly. It also has a sewn-on hook that allows it to air out anyplace.

Finally, the material is sand-resistant, which helps keep grit out of the car. Don't worry if The Alchemist motif isn't your thing; there are many alternative styles to pick from.

Best Design: Brooklinen Scenic Beach Towel

Brooklinen's Scenic Beach Towel is a stunning accent to your beach style. The limited-edition towels are available in two scenic patterns: Daybreak and Moonscape, which were created in collaboration with artist and illustrator Isabelle Feliu.

For a day at the beach, the cotton designs have a velour front and terry back, making them soft and absorbent. In addition, the design contains unusual stitch work that makes the towel both soft and absorbent, making it thicker than Brooklinen's Classic Towel.


What to Look for When Buying a Beach Towel


Cotton, in general, reigns supreme in terms of absorbency and overall feel. While polyester and cotton blends offer a velvety texture, they don't absorb as much moisture as cotton. Turkish cotton, in particular, excels in terms of absorbency and speed of drying. Turkish cotton towels are also thinner (as opposed to velour-like textures) in order to improve their functionality.


Here, too, construction matters: the shorter the woven loops, the faster the towel will dry. In addition, densely woven fibres can resist more wear and tear in terms of durability. Towels with selvedge edges, which are tightly stitched around the outside of the towel to avoid stretching and fraying, are the most durable.


Wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel after a swim in cold water is incredibly relaxing, but heavier materials take longer to dry. Thinner towels, on the other hand, don't have the same blanket-like feel as thicker towels (though top-quality ones are still buttery smooth), but they're more likely to air out in time for you to towel off after a second swim. It's simply a matter of personal preference. A towel's weight is expressed in GSM or grams per square meter. So the GSM of a towel determines how light and thin it is.


If you plan on spending the entire day at the beach, a luxurious, super-sized towel that can accommodate two or more people might suffice (or just you and all your stuff). On the other hand, you’ll want to choose a more portable choice if you're planning on wading in the surf for a few hours before traveling to your next adventure—or if you're going on vacation and want to carry light. (This is especially true if you're transporting a large stack of towels in a single beach bag.)

Choose lightweight, standard-size towels (about 30-ish x 60-ish inches) or a thin family-sized beach blanket that may easily be rolled up and stored in a bag in the latter scenario. Thinner structure also has the advantage of drying faster. Tesalate towels are a terrific choice for mobility, and some of the varieties on this list even come with their carrying case. If sand in your automobile is your worst nightmare, some towel fabrics will even repel it.

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