Aesthetic Tips for Styling a Clothing Rack

Aesthetic Tips for Styling a Clothing Rack

But I don't know what will leave you staring at and judging your clothing if yesterday's inauguration didn't! Of course, today's piece was scheduled before the big ceremony aired, but how appropriate that we're discussing clothing rack aesthetics after all of the women's lovely yet refined ensembles yesterday. Rich jewel tones and monochrome ensembles were everywhere, and I was soaking up every fashion moment!

I've found the ideal balance for creating a clothing rack design that is both practical and decorative. However, with the development of social media, everyone has a clothing rack on display. Therefore, it's time to share some strategies for making your rack Instagram and Pinterest-ready!

What is Clothing Racks?

Garment racks, often known as clothing racks, are simply racks that hold your apparel. They come in various forms and sizes, but they are all suitable for storing a small number of your clothes. Unlike wardrobes, they're usually free-standing and open, allowing you to display some of your favourite pieces while also expanding your closet.

Aesthetic Guidelines for a Stylish Clothing Rack

Here are five suggestions for developing a consistent, functional, and  clothing rack aesthetic:

Space your items evenly

Along with not overcrowding, you need also make sure that the clothing rack aesthetic is enough (and equal) space between each object. If you've ever worked in retail, you'll understand why getting the closing shift was the worst. It was stressful having to go through and re-arrange every item on display using the "two-finger rule" spacing (I worked at Guess)!

That being stated, it visually makes a significant impact and transforms your garment rack from storage to stylish. Your hangers should have at least two fingers of space between them. There's a reason you put these items on show, so make the most of it.

Finish it off with some accessories

What is an outfit without accessories? If you choose a garment rack with accessories, you might be able to add even more depth and interest with accessories! Add some statement boots to the floor panel, a wide-brimmed hat on one end, and a lovely tote bag on the other. If there is an empty wall space behind the rack, you can use it to hang your hats decoratively.

Avoid overloading your garment rack.

How many should be hung? The number of objects might vary depending on personal preference, but it's better to keep it to no more than 15 pieces.  I usually go for half of that amount because I want to save a lot of space between each object. In addition, it gives off a more boutique vibe than a fully stocked department store, which I prefer when I stroll into unique clothes boutiques.

I should qualify this by stating that there are a few occasions when I've seen an uncovered clothing rack look immaculate even when fully stuffed, but these are highly unusual. A clothing rack does not replace the use of a closet. Consider it a highlight reel, and select only the most significant portions to display.

Variety… yet keep things consistent.

What you choose to exhibit is the key to achieving a lovely clothing rack aesthetic. A rack is best used as a valuable decor piece, so finding the right balance between clothes to wear and goods to display can be difficult. The idea here is to choose a theme and then gather your 7-15 products that fall within that theme. Consider it similar to curating a fashion collection. Here are a few ideas for creating varying cohesion:

Temporary (florals and pastels for Spring, earthy hues for Fall, heavy textures and grey tones for Winter, etc.)

Monochrome (choose one solid hue that dominates your wardrobe and matches your bedroom design, then loads your clothing rack with it).

Complementary (If you love colour, pick 2-3 complementary colours on the colour wheel and use your clothing rack to add new shades to your decor.)

The colours black and white (keep it simple and streamlined with black and white, adding interest through various printed tops)

Simplify your hangers

For many years as a young college student, I used plastic hangers to make a clothing rack aesthetic, but when I switched to felt and velvet hangers, my clothing rack aesthetic was finally on the right track!

Yes, hangers are challenging to come by. However, the benefit of making a fashionable garment rack is that you only need one box of hangers. So keep the diversity in your actual closet and use those distinctive hangers for your new clothing rack.

7 Best Aesthetic Clothing Racks

If you're lucky enough to have a lot of closet space, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, many of us, particularly apartment dwellers, do not, and many of those do not have closets large enough to hold all of our belongings. If you've run into this all-too-common issue, don't worry: there's a simple solution: a clothing rack aesthetic.

Here are some of the best clothing rack aesthetics:

1. Monroe Trades Gold Clothing stand

Monroe Trades' Clothing Stand makes it simple to transform your need for extra storage into a visually appealing accent. The clothing rack aesthetic is made by hand out of industrial pipes that have been coated in a warm gold finish. This rack is 18 inches wide and comes at two heights: 51 inches and 63 inches. It is simple to disassemble and reassemble.

Put it in a corner and use it to keep track of your jackets, hang freshly washed linen, or plan out your outfits for the week. There are numerous options available, and you may find yourself desiring more than one.

2. TURBO Clothes Rack from IKEA

The clothing rack aesthetic is made of tough composite wood that will last both inside and outside. And, because of its solid A-frame legs, you won't have to worry about it tipping over as you browse your favourite clothing.

You can't go wrong with IKEA's TURBO Clothes Rack if you want a straightforward garment rack. The piece is 46 inches tall and 23 inches broad, making it large enough to accommodate a variety of goods, including some gowns and coats.

3. Reavis Garment Rack 17 Stories

We are looking for a clothing rack aesthetic that functions more like a regular wardrobe than a garment rack? Take a look at this Wayfair option. The Reavis Garment Rack ticks all the boxes for a robust duty storage solution, with not only a rod for hanging garments but also four spacious shelves for folded clothes and accessories.

It's composed of solid metal and comes in two neutral hues (white and black), which will go with any decor. Plus, it allows you the freedom to create the aesthetic you desire—if you don't want everything on display, simply add storage baskets to the shelf to keep the items off hangers contained.

4. Yamazaki Stand-Alone Garment Rack

Yamazaki's Freestanding clothing rack aesthetic manages to be both attractive and functional. This small alternative is 20.5 inches wide and 55.1 inches tall, and it weighs only 9.5 pounds, so it should be reasonably portable.

The simplistic piece, which is available in sleek black and clean white, complements any aesthetic. And, because of its simplistic design, it'll look excellent even if it's empty.

5. Lorelei Garment Rack by Anthropologie

This clothing rack aesthetic is large enough to hold all of your essentials, measures 62.5 inches tall and 38.75 inches wide, and is a perfect spot to store shoes and bags. Put this beauty on display in your bedroom or mudroom. It'll make a statement no matter where you put it.

It may be difficult to justify spending money on a garment rack, but Anthropologie's Lorelei Garment Rack is well worth it. This elegant choice is made of brass, stainless steel, and iron—a robust and wealthy mix.

6. Woud O&O Clothes Rack

Most clothing racks are supported by two A-frame legs or two flat feet, but the base keeps the O&O clothing rack aesthetic. This makes the low-profile frame more stable than other solutions while also ensuring its own clearly defined pocket of space to occupy.

As a result, the rack appears to be more of an open-faced closet than a last-ditch storage solution. And because the design is one-of-a-kind, the sleek, minimalist piece stands out more than most.

7. The Floyd Shelving System

The Floyd Shelving System is a modular system that can be used in various ways. If you want to use it as a clothing rack aesthetic, select the "Special Shelving" option, including two base shelves, one top shelf, and a hidden wooden frame.

This piece is 70.5 inches tall and 30 inches broad, offering you plenty of space to store all of your favourite goods. And, with three built-in shelves, you'll have plenty of room for purses, shoes, and other items. In addition, the garment rack comes in six various colour schemes, all trendy and appealing.


Whether you have a tiny closet or a large walk-in, you undoubtedly feel like you don't have enough space to keep things in order. But, contrary to popular belief, organising your closet isn't as complicated as it appears—and, no, you don't need to spend a fortune on a built-in system.

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