Pro Cab Clone: Meet Galway’s Taxi Riding Needs with One App

Pro Cab Clone: Meet Galway’s Taxi Riding Needs with One App

These on-demand taxi apps offer a wide range of convenient services to people who want to travel from X to Y points in the city.

Did you even imagine that someday one tap on a mobile phone would help you book taxis instantly?

Well, nobody did until the advent of on-demand taxi apps in Galway.

How Taxi Apps Are Solving Transportation Problems?

On-demand taxi apps like Pro Cab are tackling several challenges of public transportation including:

Limited availability

In areas with limited cab services or public transportation, taxi apps connect riders with drivers available near them quickly.

Using the latest algorithms, taxi apps can quickly match the rider and the driver who is closest to their location.

This system reduces the overall waiting time of the rider and the idle time of the driver.

Uncertainty of ETA

One of the good things that come with the taxi app is that it provides real-time tracking, allowing riders to see the live location of the taxi.

Also, the application shows the accurate estimated time of arrival, making the entire taxi ride more convenient for passengers.

Meets taxi demands efficiently

Traditional taxi dispatch systems are not efficient and often distribute the taxis unevenly. In simple words, taxi transportation facilities were not available everywhere.

Moreover, one had to call the dispatch system to book a taxi from one place to another in Galway.

Manual booking usually results in delays, ultimately downgrading the overall user experience.

However, advanced taxi apps like Pro Cabs properly distribute the taxis. making sure users can book them easily using the application.

Lack of transparency

Transparency is one of the key benefits of using taxi apps. Unlike metered taxis, on-demand cab booking apps display the taxi fare upfront when the rider enters their pickup and dropoff locations.

This eliminates fare-related surprises at the end of the trip. Fare estimation and transparency also avoid potential disputes over pricing between the rider and the taxi driver. 

Safety concerns

Taxi applications are integrated with a number of safety features to improve riders’ safety.

In addition to the feature, the apps also integrate the SOS button which helps riders to alert authorities and emergency contacts if they feel themselves in a life-threatening emergency.

Cashless transactions

Traditional taxis often require cash payments.  However, with the advancements in technology, apps also facilitate cashless transactions.

When booking a ride on the app, users can choose an online payment method and securely complete the transactions.

Using a taxi app like Pro Cabs, the riders can choose to pay for the trip via their credit cards or the in-app wallet.

Traffic congestion

Booking taxi rides instead of driving personal vehicles everywhere also reduces traffic congestion.

Thus, making the commute from one location to another in Galway easier.

How to Meet Galway’s Taxi-hailing Needs?

To meet your rider’s taxi ride needs in Galway, you need to launch a ride-booking app like Pro Cabs that offers multiple services.

Talking about multiple services, here are the ride-hailing services that you can offer by launching a single app.

Instant taxi booking

Using the application, your taxi users can instantly book taxis from their location to the destination they want.

The user only needs to enter the pick-up and drop-off location, select the taxi of their choice, and confirm the booking after selecting the payment method.

The app then connects the riders with the nearest taxi drivers who in a few minutes reach the user’s location and start the trip.

Rent a taxi

Your users can rent a taxi of their choice using the application.

They can enter the pick-up location and destination, and select the number of hours for which they want to rent the car.

The system proceeds with their request once the rider selects their payment method.


Sharing rides with passengers heading to the same destination can save regular taxi riders a shedload of money.

At less cost, they can commute to their office, school, or anywhere they want in a taxi.

To book a shared ride, the user only needs to enter the pick-up and drop-off location, select the number of seats they want, and be done!

Scheduling the taxis

Along with instantly booking a taxi, users can also schedule them.

Booking a taxi in advance enables them to avoid failing to find a ride when they want.

Here, the user can select the day and date when they want to book the ride, and the system will assign them a driver beforehand.

Therefore, this feature is best for users who like to plan their days, especially if they have an important meeting or a flight to catch.

Solve Your Rider’s Taxi-booking Problems with Pro Cabs Clone

Here are a few ways you can further improve your rider’s experience and solve their taxi booking problems with a single application.

Improve ETA accuracy

Riders do not like to wait around for an extended period and want to know when their taxi will arrive.

By improving your ETAs accuracy, you can easily improve your rider’s experience.

Ensure that your application can process real-time data on traffic conditions and driver availability to improve accuracy.

Simplify the booking process

When developing your taxi app like Pro Cabs, integrate a simple booking process.

Users love taxi apps that allow them to book rides with a single tap on the screen.

Therefore, by integrating the simple system, you can not only enhance the user experience but also attract more taxi orders.

Moreover, you can allow your users to book your taxis on multiple platforms including KIOSKs, iWatch, website, mobile apps, and also manual calling.

Improve your customer service

To enhance your customer support, you should offer round-the-clock access for riders to book rides and contact customer service.

In addition, also make sure they get prompt assistance from the experts for all their issues and queries regarding taxi service booking on your platform.

Encourage driver accountability

To ensure your riders' safety, mandate background checks for drivers. Also, implement a rating and review system on your app like Pro Cabs.

Providing riders with the reassurance that they are in safe hands can help instantly boost your taxi orders.

Final Words:

Now you know how to develop a taxi app like Pro Cabs in Galway, why waste your time?

If you're interested in launching your online taxi business and enhancing the ride-hailing requirements of the users, head on with the app development process now!

Taxi app development can be challenging as it involves extensive planning, research, design, programming, and testing!

However, with the help of white-labeled Pro Cab Clone, you can easily and quickly go live with your business in Galway.

Shake hands with an experienced team of app developers who know how to build a taxi app that meets industry standards and helps you make more profits!

Grab this opportunity and get started with developing your app today.





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