Dishwasher Brands To Avoid + Reliable Brands For The Year 2022

Dishwasher Brands To Avoid + Reliable Brands For The Year 2022

There are several reasons why dishwashers are still one of the most popular home equipment. Dishwashing may be a chore, and having a machine that reduces the workload means more time with family and friends after dinner. It's easy to fall back on any brand of dishwasher, assuming that nothing could possibly go wrong because they're just designed to do one thing, right?

It can be tough to choose a dishwasher that suits both your demands and your budget, especially when there are so many subpar models on the market.

To make things easier, we've produced a list of the worst dishwasher brands to assist you in making the best choice. A dishwasher isn't something you buy every day. As a result, you should take your time and conduct thorough research before selecting a provider.

In this article, you will learn that not all dishwashing brands are the same and that you should be aware of which dishwasher brands to avoid. So, keep these words of caution in mind as you continue reading.

Dishwasher Brands To Avoid- What Makes Them Bad

There are two sorts of dishwashers that aren't up to par:

  • Dishwashers that were not branded and were of poor quality,
  • Dishwashers that are branded as "light" models or the "cheap" model in a range... which is just code for "we cut every possible corner we could when making it."

As a result, there are some brands you should avoid at all costs. Some brands, on the other hand, are mixed bags. Sometimes it's only one model in a brand's lineup that's bad or doesn't live up to expectations.

Our ranking focuses on the brands that we've identified as the worst. Some are from lesser-known brands, while others may surprise you!


One of the most serious issues with a dishwasher is this. Typically, you purchase a dishwasher that is appropriate for the size of your home. Whether you have a little dishwasher for a two-bed flat or a large dishwasher for a family of six, you'll almost certainly use it on a regular basis. Each and every day.

A dishwasher is unusable if it is unreliable, whether it breaks frequently or simply does not clean well enough.


Dishwashers, like any other product, can malfunction. While this isn't always a symptom of a malfunctioning dishwasher, there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • It breaks frequently,
  • it breaks with minor/light use,
  •  the same component breaks over and over,
  • and no one knows why!

Poor Customer Service

When something goes wrong with your dishwasher, a reputable dishwasher manufacturer will be there to assist you. You should be able to find some troubleshooting suggestions in the handbook, and maybe they have a support department on their website. Even videos are available from the leading businesses to assist you.

If not, a reputable dishwasher manufacturer will dispatch a technician as soon as possible or assist you in ordering replacement parts.

Unfortunately, only a few dishwasher brands are as accommodating. The worst will refuse to assist you; others will keep you on hold for hours in the false belief that your dishwashing machine can be saved.

How Did We Choose Dishwasher Brands To Avoid?

We couldn't test every single dishwasher available in the US, as much as we wanted to (because we're dishwasher nerds like that). Instead, we put on our detective hats and went online to talk to customers to see which dishwashing manufacturers had the worst (and greatest) reviews.

After that, we chose some of the most infamously poor dishwashing brands to put to the test. The findings from these worst dishwashing brands are listed below, along with what went wrong with them and how we dealt with customer service to get them fixed.



  • Reason: Low-cost parts, a high price tag, and a leaky issue
  • 2-year warranty
  • Customer service is good, but it's a waste of time.

You may have a Viking refrigerator or freezer that functions flawlessly, but Viking dishwashers are a different story. They charge a lot for their dishwashers to keep up with their brand image... yet they aren't worth the money. If you reported the problem to Viking and bought a replacement dishwasher, there's a good possibility it'll leak as well. Viking isn't doing anything to solve the problem.

To be absolutely honest, we thought Viking's customer care and maintenance service was pretty good when compared to the competition... However, this does not change the reality that their dishwashers are fundamentally faulty.

The Viking dishwasher range has a number of severe problems in terms of production and design. To begin with, they are built using low-cost components, and they frequently leak! Worse yet, Viking does not appear to be making any improvements to prevent this problem.


  • Reason: Noisy and ineffective cleaning
  • 1-year warranty
  • Unresponsive customer service!

Frigidaire is a touch less expensive than Viking, but it's still pricey enough that you'd expect a good dishwasher from them. This isn't the case, unfortunately. Our main gripes with Frigidaire revolve around their customer service. Their Appliance Repair Service connects you with persons that aren't very knowledgeable. Customer service can also be entirely unresponsive at times.

While the dishwashers do not have a major flaw, such as Viking's frequent leaks, they are generally rather noisy machines with some poorly manufactured inner elements, like the racks. As a result, your dishes may not always be as clean as they should be.

Check the PDF specifications booklet for warranty information. We looked into it and found that Frigidaire's normal warranty was one year for parts and one year for labor. Given that most dishwashers should last about ten years, it appears that Frigidaire lacks confidence in their goods.


  • Reason: Energy inefficiency and noisy
  • 1 or 2-year warranty
  • Customer service is mediocre.

Because Electrolux is owned by Frigidaire, it's no surprise that they share some flaws. To begin with, these are really loud dishwashers. It's odd, given that Electrolux washing washers are known for being extremely quiet.

Furthermore, several consumers have complained that Electrolux appliances are particularly power-hungry in the long run. When you install one of these products, you may expect your monthly payments to start creeping up.

The warranty and customer service aren't really impressive. Standard warranties are one year, although some products can be registered for a two-year warranty. In any case, things aren't looking good. We'd conclude the manufacturer's repair service isn't worth it, based on how many customers have purchased new parts for Electrolux dishwashers on Amazon.


  • Reason: Design flaws and poor-quality components
  • 1-year warranty (upgrades available)
  • Customer service is poor.

Samsung produces some of the world's top technological devices. Millions of people use and trust their cellphones and televisions. We can't say the same for their dishwashers, unfortunately.

Samsung has dishwashers that are both reasonable and very costly, but none of them are worth trying. Poor parts and design defects are a major source of frustration in their homes. The most common concerns are drainage issues and parts breaking quickly due to normal wear and use.

Furthermore, Samsung's customer support is inconvenient when it comes to fixing or replacing your dishwasher. Response times are poor, so you might be better off taking it to an independent repair shop... even if it voids the 1-year warranty. The warranty can be extended for a fee, which varies depending on the model.


  • Reason: Expensive and lacking in functionality.
  • Customer Service: Not the best
  • Warranty: 1 year

It's a mixed bag with this dishwasher brand. Some models and customers report that their dishwashers function flawlessly, while others report that their dishwashers are a nightmare. It's difficult to know if these nice ratings are genuine because there are so many phony reviews online. As a result, we do not advocate purchasing this dishwasher brand. It's a risky proposition.

JennAir's warranty also has some caveats. It must also have been installed by a JennAir Certified Installer, in addition to the typical "don't try to fix it yourself" restriction. It's a lot of work for a dishwasher that could break down!

After all, JennAir dishwashers are pricey, and they don't always offer the range of fantastic (and efficient) features that you'd anticipate at this price point.


  • Reason: It is ineffective at cleaning.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Customer service is atrocious!

A dishwasher is pointless if it does not remove food and stains from your dishes and cutlery. You'll either have to do the dishes by hand or put in a lot of work to get them halfway clean before using the dishwasher to finish the task.

The main issue with Insignia dishwashers is this. While you may be tempted by their low and acceptable costs, we strongly advise you to reconsider. Finding a dishwasher that can effectively clean your dishes is much preferable, even if it means stretching your budget a little farther.

We've also heard that Insignia's customer service is terrible, so if you buy one, you'd better hope it doesn't break! If you bought the Insignia dishwasher from an authorized merchant, you just receive a standard 1-year guarantee.

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Bosch dishwasher

Bosch comes in first place on our list of the finest dishwasher brands. The Bosch Ascenta, 300 Series, and 100 Series dishwashers are the best-rated dishwashers, according to Consumer Reports, with the second-best Product Reliability and Owner Satisfaction ratings.

Most Reviewed Models:

  • SHE3AR72UC Bosch Ascenta
  • Ascenta SHX3AR75UC from Bosch.
  • SHX863WD5N from the Bosch 300 Series.
  • SHS863WD5N from the Bosch 300 DLX Series.
  • SHEM3AY55N from the Bosch 100 Series.

Because of its low price, Bosch is at the top of our list with the second-highest rating. Bosch outscored many well-known brands such as GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag at a price range of around $1000.

  • The Ascenta series ranges in price from $600 to $780.
  • The 300 Series is priced between $900 and $950.
  • The pricing of the 100 Series is roughly $600.

With one of the fastest wash cycle times on the market, Bosch dishwasher brands are ranked best in cleaning, drying, noise, and energy efficiency. The Bosch dishwasher is the quietest on the market because of its exceptionally quiet performance.

Some, such as the Bosch 300 DLX Series SHS863WD5N, include a central rack, hidden controls, and a cycle duration of 150 minutes. Owner pleasure, on the other hand, appears to be where Bosch excels. While there have been occasional concerns, the vast majority of Bosch reviews have been good.

Thermador Dishwasher

Thermador dishwashers are also well regarded. Thermador has the highest Product Reliability rating and the third-highest Owner Satisfaction rating, according to Consumer Reports.

Most Reviewed Models:

  • DWHD650WFM by Thermador.
  • DWHD660WFP by Thermador.
  • DWHD660WPR by Thermador.

Thermador receives high marks for both performance and customer satisfaction. This luxury dishwasher, on the other hand, has a larger price tag, with models ranging from $1400 to $1800.

Some models, such as the Thermador DWHD770WFM Dishwasher with WIFI capabilities in the smart dishwashers category, are significantly higher. The extra features may not be necessary at the $2300 price.

In various aspects, like drying, noise, and energy efficiency, Thermador dishwashers are rated highest. However, it comes in second to Bosch in terms of washing capability, albeit by a little margin. Overall, Thermador is one of the most dependable dishwasher manufacturers. Owner satisfaction with Thermador products appears to be high, as seen by several positive evaluations.

Miele Dishwasher

Miele completes our list of top-rated dishwasher manufacturers. Miele has the greatest Owner Satisfaction rating and the third-highest Product Reliability rating, according to Consumer Reports.

Most Reviewed Models:

  • Miele Classic Plus G4977SCVISF.
  • Miele Futura Classic G4228SCUSS.

Miele is a luxury dishwasher brand that is significantly less expensive than Thermador. The models we looked at range of prices from $1000 to $1200.

Miele dishwashers are also at the top in a number of categories. However, in terms of washing capability, it falls only behind Bosch and Thermador. In terms of drying capabilities, it falls behind Thermador and Bosch.

Overall, Miele is a dependable dishwasher, and owners appear to enjoy using it and would suggest it to others. Due to an average drying score, their 18-inch small dishwasher, Miele Dimension G4720SCI, did not fare as well.

Summing up

Our dishwasher reviews are now complete. After you've made a list of dishwasher brands to avoid, you'll be able to buy the best on the market. The top qualities to look for in a new dishwasher include good customer service, durable products, and ease of repair.

As a result, keep in mind which ones to avoid in order to save money and time. Also, just because a dishwasher is pricey does not mean it is the best to use at home.

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