Now you can find the video you saw on TikTok

 Now you can find the video you saw on TikTok

How annoying is it when you are hooked on a video, and the page refreshes, and you lose it?

Well, now TikTok actually took this very seriously, and now we can easily watch the video again on the new feather “Watch History” Tiktok has developed. Fingers crossed.

Matt Navarra, known as a social media consultant, retweeted this tweet, which made everyone wonder if it’s actually happening.

Even though there are no official details by TikTok regarding the “Watch History” button how it will look, let’s hope for the best that it is true.

The need for this feature has led many users to search for workarounds. Meanwhile, some have been, but they are no way close to clicking the watch button history.

If TikTok successfully implants this feature, it will save us a significant amount of time and effort.

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