Food Picks: Bytes Station, Buona Terra, Gary's

Food Picks: Bytes Station, Buona Terra, Gary's

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Gary's, a three-month-old Italian-Japanese restaurant, is one of the first to open in the tranquil Rochester area. Gary Wu, a Shatec alumnus with 28 years of experience in the industry, just opened his first restaurant in Singapore. He has worked as a private chef in Brunei and as a senior sous chef at the Italian restaurant Buona Terra. The white tablecloth sets the tone for good eating, but the prices are luckily not excessive. The cost of a three-course set lunch starts at $38.

All About the Winter menus at Buona Terra

We checked out all the menu along with the prices and other stuff lets check out some of the glimpses of their menus…

The winter menus at Buona Terra, a one-Michelin-star Italian restaurant, are offered until the end of March. It is a recently remodeled restaurant which is going to celebrate its tenth anniversary at this year. The Experience meals (beginning at $158++ per person for five courses) are created by resident chef Denis Lucchi and highlight the best of the season's ingredients, such as puntarelle (a type of chicory) salsify, and citruses.

A big nightly surprise is the Five-Course Chef's Experience ($198++ per person). Yellowtail carpaccio is served first, with Calabrian mandarin orange segments, lime powder, Amalfi lemon puree, and a flurry of horseradish "snow" on top. Another standout feature is the grilled Mozambican prawns, which are coated in a translucent sheath of lard that melts in your mouth. It goes well with chicory stuffed with burrata, mashed black garlic, and a rich anchovy sauce.

Your meal is only going to be better with the main course which is grilled Irish duck, cured for ten days and drizzled with Italian acacia honey. Yummy!!!!

The soft duck breast is covered with a black garlic puree, morel mushrooms, a delicious Moscato sauce, and pureed and deep-fried salsify.

Finally, after concluding customers’ reviews, many customers were total at the end of the meal, but they would have cheerfully eaten another portion of the delicious duck

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