How To Cut Curtain Bangs [Perfect Guide]

How To Cut Curtain Bangs [Perfect Guide]

You are wondering How To Cut Curtain Bangs perfectly? You know what? These long stylish bangs are perfect for every occasion. If you're hesitant of wearing a short bang, curtain bangs are a great way to start experimenting with them. It's an easy-to-do fashion idea.

No doubt bangs are a very attractive way to style your hair. Don’t worry about your face shape because these long, wispy bangs are also popular because they fit on different face shapes, and also these are very easy to maintain. Curtain bangs are longer than other bangs and effectively frame the face more than other forms of bangs can do.  In addition, they're relatively simple to make. All you'll need are a few tools and some self-assurance. You'll be rocking your new bangs in no time!

Woah, that’s great, na!!!

So let’s learn how to get these flawless curtain bangs in seconds… Our DIY curtain bangs Ideas will help you make the perfect bangs on time.

Why Should you Try Curtain Bangs?

These stylish curtain bangs are easy to cut and very stylish looking. This modern spin on the classic fringe may be framed perfectly to your face shape thanks to its shaggy, unkempt, and informal design. This is why they are so attractive: their design allows for complete customization. So whether you're searching for a more conventional take on the trend or a more piece-y alternative, we’ve got you covered.

Despite this, the bangs are easy to style, requiring only a fast blow-dry and a sprinkling of texture powder to complete. The cut’s versatility, which works well with a number of styles and textures, including sloppy waves, beautiful blowouts, and high ponytails, is another major selling point. You can push back curtain bangs on idle days because they are often longer and thus more pliable (speaking from personal experience).


Gather the Tools and Finalize the style

Haircutting tools are the most important thing for getting a perfect haircut. No matter how sharp your kitchen scissors are, this isn't the task for them you must need a perfect tool for this cutting. Hair shears are used by hair stylists for a reason, and you should use them as well. Your cut will appear sharper, cleaner, and more professional if you use shears. Borrow or buy shears from a friend before you start this cutting.

Also, finalizing the style is also essential. So try to keep a picture of your inspiration. If you visualize your objective bangs in your head, it will help. When it comes to cutting and styling your bangs, a photo can be helpful. An inspiration photo will help you in achieving the same look.  It can also act as a subtle reminder not to shave your bangs too short on the spur of the moment. Look for a picture of the bangs you desire in a magazine or on the internet. Don't be hesitant to take a few photographs to acquire some inspiration and ideas. Elevate your style with our premium hair grooming products.

Detangle And Dry Your Hair

So Are you ready with your tools and picture? So now, Dry and Detangle your hairs for a perfect bang cutting… Because Curtain bangs are actually easier to trim when hair is dry. Even though you usually cut your hair when it's wet, cutting it dry allows you to get more precise angles and the length you want.

So for better results, Simply blow dry your hair until it is completely dry if it is damp or wet.  Drying your hair is very important for cutting the perfect bang because you won't be able to notice your natural hair growth pattern or cowlicks as easily while your hair is wet. It will, however, fall more naturally once it has dried.

Section Your Hair With Center Partition

Ready with your detangled hair? Now the next step is to create a center partition from the top of your head.

For this, take a fine-toothed comb; with a fine-toothed flat comb, draw a section along the center of your head. Your bangs will be evenly combed out as a result of this. Using the same fine-toothed comb, find out the top of your head. Start with your comb on the top of your head and work your way back until the comb is flat.

This is where you'll start sectioning off your bangs from the center of your head. Take a portion of hair and cut it into a triangle. As a guide, look at the top of your head and the arch of your brow. Part your hair diagonally from the top of your head to the top of the arch of your right brow. Apply a small clip to that section of hair, then repeat on the opposite side. You now have the piece of your hair that will be cut into bangs. Straighten the hair in front of your face and comb it straight down.

Cut Your Bangs Till The Chin

Here are the primary cutting steps starting from there. Begin by cutting for longer than you think you'll need. This section is crucial!!!!

By Using the comb, comb your hair until it reaches your chin. Place your first two fingers underneath the comb as soon as reaching the chin. You'll start cutting right here from this step. For your first cut, make a straight cut through the entire piece. It's a good idea to keep the scissors parallel to your chin. Your chin-length bangs will be created by trimming directly under your fingers.

Cutting the perfect length is very important. One of the most common mistakes people make when cutting their own bangs is cutting them shorter than they wanted. Make your first cuts longer than you expected to avoid this. Of course, you can always shave them shorter, but you won't be able to restore any shaved hair.

Now Cut Each Side At An Angle and Finish it with vertical cutting.

So for this step, use the arch of your brows as a reference. One of your bangs should be held between your fingers, slightly above the ends. Maintain a tiny downward tilt with your fingers parallel to the angle of your brows. Cut just below your fingertips with the shears.

On the opposite side, make the same cut, but at a different angle. To show off your new appearance, sweep your curtain bangs to the side of your face. Begin trimming; the mild low angle you're going for with your bangs matches the soft downward angle you're going for with your brow arch. Before you make these cuts, take a step back from the mirror. This way, you'll get a better idea of how your bangs will look. If you're too near to the mirror, it's easy to over-trim.

So here comes this final touch; this final technique will help your bangs merge and look more natural. Using a comb, make your bangs hang straight down in front of your face. Next, make little snips at the bottom of your bangs with your shears held vertically.  Make a series of random snips throughout your fringe, totaling roughly 4-6 cuts. Your bangs will mix in better with the rest of your hair if you do this. These snips should be incredibly short, with only a small amount of length taken.

So On wrapping up, Are you ready with your perfect bangs? For better results, first, try these steps on a dummy; after practicing it on a dummy, you will get the perfect finish when you try it on your hair. Try them, then tell us your results in the comment section below.

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