12 Exciting Modern Christmas Trees Ideas for 2022

12 Exciting Modern Christmas Trees Ideas for 2022

Christmas joy is at an all-time high now that the holidays have arrived. The holiday season often seems to be a hectic one, with dinner parties, family gatherings, and playdates! With some of our favorite modern Christmas tree decorating ideas, you can make your home look festive and classy. Do you have any last-minute gift ideas? Don't forget to check out our Christmas gift recommendations for home decor fans!

Consider using the same old decorations you used last year, the year before, and who knows how many years before that to decorate your Christmas tree. Set aside those hardworking red and green ornaments. It's past time to make a difference.

We've got you covered with color combinations, ornament ideas, and ribbon—so much ribbon—whether your taste is modern, traditional, farmhouse, or exquisite. Some are glitzy, while others are subtle. Some are vibrant, while others are masters of neutrals and metallics. However, they are all inspiring and will undoubtedly brighten your holiday season.

Continue reading for modern Christmas trees ideas to get inspiration for your own holiday decorations.

12 Modern Christmas Trees Ideas

Inspired by Scandinavian design

Scandinavian décor is perfect for incorporating distinctive Christmas decorations because it is essential and minimal. Add a few statement ornaments to keep it simple, or add even more festivity with red accents. The tips of these Nordic-inspired trees resemble cake toppers! Choosing a sparse-looking Christmas tree is a fantastic place to start for your modern Christmas tree. Another excellent approach to keep things simple is to use only garland and no ornaments.

Silver Christmas Tree Ideas

Choosing neutral hues is the simplest method to give your Christmas tree decor a more modern feel. The area will feel less cluttered and loud if the color scheme is kept basic. This is a terrific option to integrate if you're striving for a soft and warm modern Christmas décor. Then, plan your gift wrapping material to match your tree decor to make your home feel even more harmonious.

One for the Kiddos

A large tree for you, and a small one for the kids. This charming, simple tiny Christmas tree from Fashionable Hostess would please any child. Allow them to help decorate it as a family project or surprise them with the setup. If you put a railway set around the little tree, you'll have hours of quiet playtime.

Choose a color

We believe green to be neutral during the Christmas season. Therefore, choose only one additional color to decorate to keep your Christmas decorations trendy. This means that if you chose the color red for your Christmas tree, you must utilize only red decorations. This monochrome ensemble exudes all of the current Christmas emotions. Using only one accent color across all Christmas decors will keep the home looking modern while still feeling festive and put together.

Adopt a Theme

If you're stumped for ideas for how to decorate your Christmas tree, start with a theme and let the ideas flow from there. Starting with vintage skis tied to the branches with floral wire, The Lily Pad Cottage created this Scandinavian ski lodge-inspired tree. She then added a flash of color using sticks (collected on a stroll in the woods), snowball ornaments, artificial berries, wooden beads, and red Christmas ball ornaments. Voila! The theme has been achieved.

Silver And Gold Christmas Tree

When in doubt, add a dash of glitz! Nothing puts us in the Christmas spirit like seeing the light from the Christmas tree reflected in the ornaments. Gold and silver are a classic combination, but try something different with rose gold and copper. Consider a dramatic tree topper or metallic garland to provide a flash of color in addition to ornaments.

Vintage Silver Christmas Tree

Don't worry if having a green tree in your home isn't your cup of tea. This contemporary Christmas addition is the furthest thing we've ever seen from a classic Christmas tree! Although this suspended piece of art is little, it is sure to leave an impression on anybody who visits your home during the holidays.

Blocking Of Colors

Another simple modern Christmas tree option is to make one with the ornaments you already own! Color-blocking ornaments on the tree help to make it feel more orderly and less congested. Organize the decorations from bright to dark or vice versa to create an ombre effect! It's a good idea to use a garland that integrates all of the hues on the tree when organizing ornaments by color to make the tree feel more coherent.


The next modern Christmas tree idea on the list is ombre. An ombre tree is a unique way to incorporate Christmas into your home. To improve the impact and create a focal point that your Christmas guests will adore, color coordinate your decorations in an ombre effect.

Consider A Christmas Tree That Hangs From The Ceiling.

This discreet upside-down improvised Christmas tree is a simple DIY project. But, even though it is simple, it may make a stylish statement in your modern home. To improve the aesthetic, add some lighting and a few accessories.

Make A Gifted Christmas Tree

Leave the tree alone and concentrate focus on the gift boxes. All you have to do now is wrap all of your gifts in the same wrapping paper design to complete the effect. You don't even need many gifts; you can construct your Christmas tree as tall as you like using empty boxes. To finish the look, add a few bows, decorations, and a star to the top of the tree.

Forget The Ornaments

If you already have an evergreen tree, consider updating it by removing the ornaments. This pared-down Christmas tree will look entirely at home in any modern home. To dress it up a bit and make it light up the room at night, add some Christmas lights.

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