Paint Your Life Review: The Ultimate Guide!

Paint Your Life Review: The Ultimate Guide!

Paint Your Life is a one-of-a-kind internet service that turns customers' photographs into bespoke artwork.

This Paint Your Life review will look at the online service provided, what customers have to say, and why this company has developed a loyal following in many households around the country.

Let's learn more about it…

What is Paint Your Life

Paint To make portrait paintings, Your Life collaborates with approximately 300 great painters. Compilation Portraits, which allows you to stitch together many images into one portrait, is their most unique offering, in my opinion. So, if a loved one died before your wedding, like mine, you can include them in the portrait to create an emotive painting.

Even if the images you provide to the artist are damaged or faded (like my grandfather's photograph was), they will skilfully paint the person in the photo precisely how they seem!

How it works

The Paint Your Life studio was founded in 2006, according to their website, when they decided to hire professional portrait painters to create handmade oil paintings based on personal images submitted by their customers.

This concept arose from the conviction that everyone should have access to beautifully painted family and personal art that they can "enjoy for a lifetime," as opposed to the type of personally commissioned painting that was previously exclusively available to the wealthy.

The website offers a "simple 1-2-3 wizard" that allows you to upload your images, select your size and design options, and provide any further instructions or special requirements. The painters will then send out emails to their consumers when the painting is started, half-completed, and finished.

You will be sent images of your painting's progress along with emails updating you on its progress so that you can respond to the emails with feedback and recommendations for any changes or alterations you would want to see made.

Review of Paint Your Life

Your decorating style can reveal a lot about who you are and what you value. One of the most effective methods to leave a lasting pleasant impression on anyone who visits your home is to decorate it thoughtfully. This is where Paint Your Life shines.

Paint your life's crew not only creates magnificent masterpieces from your photos, but they do so with pride. Their customer service team is amazing; they will give you emails every step of the way to let you know how the painting is progressing. You might even be asked to sign off on work in progress, giving your feedback or suggestions as they work.

Paint Your Life is a collective of artists who specialise in hand-crafted paintings based on pictures. Their lovely photographs give consumers an artistic reflection of their special occasions. They also make a terrific gift and look beautiful on your home's wall.

The brand creates bespoke hand-painted portraits from pictures. Beautiful oil paintings, watercolours, acrylics, charcoals, pastels, and one-of-a-kind pencil art designs are available. Let's take a closer look at what they're all about.

Paint Your Life Process

When you decide to commission a painting from Paint Your Life, you must first complete the following steps:

Select a Topic

Begin by deciding on a theme for your one-of-a-kind painting. A parent and child, many pets, or a landscape are just some of the possibilities. For issues that don't quite fit within the existing options, there's even a 'not sure' button.

Choose Medium

After that, you'll be given the choice to choose a medium. This is where you choose the painting style you want. Oil paintings, charcoal, acrylic, watercolours, colour pencils, pastels, and black pencils are all possibilities. Furthermore, all alternatives have the same price tag.

Choose an Artist and a Background.

When you go to the following page of the procedure, you'll be given a few options to choose from. The first is if you want to pay an additional $99. for a video of the artist painting your portrait.

You also have the option of having the artist autograph your painting for free. Now that you've decided on a background for your painting, it's time to choose one. You can choose from three options:

  • Allow the artist to choose his or her background.
  • The background is unique.
  • Background with a solid colour.

When it comes to selecting your artist, you have two choices. Paint your life will choose the best artist for your order as the first option. Alternately, you can choose a certain artist. One thing to keep in mind is that all artists are talented and have their particular styles.

If you choose to choose your artist, you'll be presented with a list of artists who are available for the subject genre you've chosen. Fortunately, the website simplifies this process by presenting an entire gallery of each artist's work, allowing you to get a sense of their style and decide if they are right for you.

Upload Your Photos

The difficult part now begins: selecting which photo to use. It's as simple as dragging a photo to the pink box or clicking the box to select a photo from your desktop to upload your chosen photo or photos.

You can make a painting out of many images; for example, if you haven't seen a family member in a long time but still want them to be featured, this is a terrific alternative. If you're not sure if the painting will fulfil your expectations, create a digital collage of all of your images and submit it to you for approval. The company will only submit the final digital photo to the artist to be painted once you approve it.

You can also ask the artists for input on which photo to use by uploading numerous photos and checking the box that says "let the artists choose." The artist, on the other hand, will not begin painting until you confirm the photo you want to have painted.

Finally, you will be able to send your artist any specific requests. These can be basic requests like removing a particular component of the photograph or changing the colour of an outfit. Regardless of your request, the painters at a paint your life will do all possible to accommodate you.

Choose a Painting Size

You'll need to select the size of your painting once you've decided on your photo and artist.

What Is The Location Of Paint Your Life?

Customers can view their artwork, engage with company staff, and place orders for their artwork at the company's showroom in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Pros And Cons Of Paint Your Life

What We Like!

  • Guaranteed 100 per cent refund
  • Revisions are available indefinitely.
  • Quality customer seaport proofing online

What We Don't Appreciate!

  • Artist abilities may differ.
  • A deposit must be paid in advance.

Plans for Costs and Prices

The size of your painting, the medium you chose for your painting, and the subject matter of your painting all contribute to the cost of your painting.

A 12" x 16" charcoal drawing of a landscape, for example, is one of their most economical alternatives, costing $159, while a 48" x 72" oil painting of two individuals costs $709.

The website provides customers with a complete pricing table, so you can always see an estimate of how much your bespoke piece will cost.

Policy on Refunds

This website does state that they offer a guarantee to their consumers, stating that all customers have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee. This warranty covers lost paintings, damaged paintings, damaged frames, and even simple dissatisfaction issues.

As previously said, they allow their clients to submit input to their artists and have changes made to the painting completed throughout the original painting process.

They will, however, give you the option of requesting changes after you have viewed the artwork in person. For return instructions, you'll need to contact their Customer Service department.

Customers' Thoughts After Their Experiences:

Service to Customers: Paint your life received a great number of good comments for their exceptional service, as one might expect given the high number of positive ratings. Consumers not only said the service was timely, but they also said the firm cares about their customers throughout the entire process.

Quality: Customers were surprised by the quality of the pictures and paintings. The attention to detail on the paintings was universally praised by customers. They also agree that the artwork was created by highly great painters and that the paintings are priceless.

Price: Paint Your Life's products were once again complimented for their low costs. The majority of consumers believed that the paintings' quality was worth the money. Furthermore, reviewers agree that the paintings are competitively priced; one client claimed that the pricing was a fraction of the expense of engaging a local artist.

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