When shopping for baby clothes, Rihanna wears a huge diamond ring

When shopping for baby clothes, Rihanna wears a huge diamond ring

In preparation for her first pregnancy with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, Rihanna went shopping for baby clothes at Kitson in Los Angeles. She wore a massive diamond ring on that finger while shopping for baby clothes.

A Sloan Solitaire ring from Briony Raymond was also on her finger. The Fenty Beauty mogul wore a Grave Digger T-shirt that fit over her growing bump. Rihanna also wore a pair of low-rise jeans, furry stilettos, and a trucker hat, saying, "Sex is safer than smoking."

A few days ago, the pop star told Elle that she sees herself as a "psycho" mother when her baby is born. She went out a few days later. My mom is going to be like that. She told the magazine that she was "psychotic" about it, and then she laughed about it.

Rihanna, a big fan of the "Real Housewives" series, also talked about the Bravo moms she likes.Heather Dubrow is so stylish as a mother. She looks great." Just love how she lets her kids be who they are. Rihanna said: "And that's motivating to me, too."

But Teresa [Giudice] from Jersey doesn't play about her kids, says the woman. She will tell you how much she hates those kids. And that's something I think about a lot.

When Kanye West did an interview with Rihanna for Interview magazine in 2010, the "Umbrella" singer said she always wanted to have a family with a partner.


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