So long as it grosses over $30 million (66%) or, even better, over $35 million (85.7%), we wrote last week, "The Batman's prospects of hitting $400 million increase somewhat next week."

This weekend's total is $36.6 million. Achieving $300 million by the 17th day of distribution would make The Batman the 32nd picture in history to do it.

The Batman has a slight advantage: The Dark Knight Rises had the 23rd highest third weekend with $35.7 million (but over $353 million on day 17 and a $448 million ultimate haul).

The average fourth-weekend decrease for a picture grossing $35 million or more is 42.9 %. Next week's #1 picture, maybe The Lost City, but anything over $21 million for The Batman should keep it on track for $400 million. Almost $600 million worldwide.

Ti West's X debuted this weekend. A24's picture made $4.4 million in 2,865 cinemas. A24's The Green Knight opened to $6.79 million in 2,790 cinemas last summer.

That felt good last July when people were starting back into attending movies.

Even though X was the studio's sixth-best opening weekend ever, behind The Witch, Midsommar, and It Comes At Night, horror fans haven't been up to see original pictures since the vaccinations.

Other M. Night Shyamalan releases include Malignant (5.4 million/76 % on the Tomatometer), Antlers (4.2 million/60%), The Unholy (3.1 million/26 %), The Night House (2.8 million/87%), and Separation (1.8 million/7%).

X has the most fantastic reviews with a 96% Tomatometer score. It received better reviews than Jackass Forever (86%) and The Batman (85%). (85 per cent). Maybe it'll have enough horror fans by the time its prequel, Pearl, comes out.

This weekend, Focus Features released The Outfit, which is currently the year's second-highest-rated wide release with a 91 %. During the epidemic, Focus has struggled to get wide distribution without streaming.

Stillwater and Last Night In Soho were the only films to debut above $4 million (the other two were Play, which opened at $2.2 million). Filmed in 1,325 cinemas, The Outfit grossed $1.4M.

Sony & Stage 6's Umma failed to make the top 10 in a dry market despite the lack of streaming.

The picture made $915,000 in 805 theatres, and its $1,136 per-theatre average beat out other wide releases Studio 666, The Wolf and the Lion, and The King's Daughter (each of them in over 1,000 or 2,000 theatres).

The Lost City, a Romancing the Stone-style adventure comedy starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt, will be Batman's first significant competition next weekend.

Like studios in general, Paramount would want to see an "original" picture break out since April is paved with flicks like Ambulance, The Bad Guys, and The Northman.

The film Everywhere All At Once, starring Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Jamie Lee Curtis from the makers of Swiss Army Man, premiered at SXSW last week and presently has a Tomatometer score of 97 per cent.

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