Top Fashion Brands in the USA You Must Try

Top Fashion Brands in the USA You Must Try

You're undoubtedly aware that America produces some of the world’s top fashion brands, streetwear, casualwear, and luxury brands. Their style is a mash-up that reflects the country's rich cultural diversity and roots. So it’s simple for Australians to admire their uniqueness, innovation, and adaptability.

Since the early twentieth century, the United States has had an outsized influence on popular culture through motion pictures and the development of music genres such as jazz and rock & roll. However, America's impact on earlier cultural traditions, such as literature and gastronomy, has been less profound. That has also been the case with fashion, though the American style has gained popularity worldwide.

24/7 Tempo has prepared a list of successful and top fashion brands of the U.S. called fashion firms to celebrate America's place in the fashion industry. The list is based on duration, name recognition, measurements like foot traffic from the business Placed, store number, revenue, and other performance indicators. Unless otherwise stated, all revenue data are for the single brand, not the parent firm.

Fortunately, a slew of new firms is springing up around the country to bring things back to fundamentals, sustainably manufacturing clothing in the United States to help us reduce waste and support local craftspeople and designers.

Longevity, practicality, ease of wear, and the ability to appeal to a wide range of individuals are what differentiates America's most successful and top fashion brands businesses.

Here we discuss top fashion brands in the USA:

14 Best Fashion Brands

1. Vetta

Vetta is based in Boston, Massachusetts, that creates sustainable capsule collections. Vetta has been producing clothing in the United States for over 30 years. Their woven clothing is designed in New York and knits their sweaters partner manufacturer in Los Angeles knits their sweaters. One of the most intriguing aspects of top fashion brands Vetta approach is how they organise their garments into capsules of five things each.

You can create a month's worth of outfits with just these five pieces. You can buy the capsule in bulk or individually. In either case, the idea is to enable you to spend less time in the morning choosing an outfit and more time enjoying your day.


MATE is a Los Angeles-based company; MATEand top fashion brands create simple, comfy basics for women. MATE is a California-based firm that makes a variety of basics, including t-shirts, loungewear, and reusable face masks. Their garments are entirely created in Los Angeles factories, and they employ organic cotton and low-impact dyes. As a result, the garments are environmentally friendly, and you can be assured that no toxic chemicals will come into contact with your skin.

If you care about US-based products and sustainability, we're confident you'll appreciate what MATE is doing. If you order online, your package will be transported in recycled paper mailers created in Los Angeles.

3. Reformation

Reformation is a clothing company based in Los Angeles and on the list of top fashion brands in California that creates sustainable modern clothing. Reformation is a well-established and quickly developing sustainable women's clothing business that manufactures all its products in the United States. They put sustainability at the heart of all they do and invest heavily in infrastructure to reduce their clothes' waste, water, and energy footprints.

They evaluate everything when making their garments, including water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability, and price. They also evaluate material aftereffects, such as microfiber shedding. But that's only the beginning. The outfits they manufacture are trendy, modern, and stylish, and that's not even the most significant part of a reformation

4.  Graceful District

Graceful District top fashion brand is based in Los Angeles and produces a variety of basics such as tees, loungewear, tanks, and slacks. In addition, graceful District manufactures a variety of everyday items in Los Angeles, California, using eco-friendly textiles and a small batch manufacturing process.

Their clothes are designed with simplicity in mind, and you'll find items that will remain fashionable and a staple in your wardrobe for years. In addition, they use environmentally friendly materials like TENCEL and recycled fibres.

5. Harvest & Mill

This top fashion brand manufacture organic and natural clothing and are based in Berkeley, California. Harvest & Mill is a women's and men's clothing line entirely made in the United States. They place a strong emphasis on sustainability, with their supply chain primarily focused on supporting organic cotton growers, sewing communities, and artisans in the United States.

Harvest & Mill makes a variety of fashionable staples, so if you're searching for new tees, loose pants, or socks, this is the brand for you. They employ only organic ingredients that can be traced back to the field where they were cultivated. In addition, to lessen environmental impact, their colours are toxin-free, and all of their components are assembled into final garments in the United States.

6. Karen Kane

Karen Kane top fashion brand that makes a variety of sustainable women's clothing and is based in Los Angeles, California. They've been around for a long time, formed as a family business in 1979 in Los Angeles. Karen Kane is a company that is continually developing and improving its sustainability. They collaborate closely with their mills and other partners to ensure that they are also minimising their environmental impact and providing good working conditions.

Karen Kane was founded on the concept of producing high-quality apparel that is both fashionable and comfortable to wear (which should be the goal of all clothing brands!).

7. Lùchen

Lùchen, founded by Parsons graduates Lu Chen and Jacky Luo, released its first collection during the spring 2022 season, presenting deconstructed minimalism and airy whimsy. For example, consider a tulle cape worn over a structured menswear-inspired coat. Alternatively, there are gravity-defying tops that shoot up like coral reefs in the water.

When Chloe King, who works in brand relations, first saw the brand on Instagram, it combined softness and razor-sharp tailoring that made her stop scrolling. "I was taken away by their debut collection's aesthetic - smart, creative, and bizarre," she recalls. "I'm a sucker for a Schiaparelli reference."

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8. Valani

They design and manufacture sustainable, vegan women's clothes in Chicago and California. Valani is a top fashion brand that makes various plant-based clothes, such as dresses, shirts, and slacks. The company is devoted to paying fair salaries and providing flexible working hours. Valani is an entirely vegan company that does not use hazardous colours that are harmful to the environment.

They have a US-based design team in California and collaborate with Chicago sewists who create each garment. In addition, 10% of profits are donated to organisations that support women's empowerment programmes, animal charities, and environmental efforts. In addition, they collaborate with One Tree Planted, planting a tree for every piece of Valani clothing sold.

9. Miss Sohee

 Miss Sohee, a top fashion brand designed by Central Saint Martins graduate Sohee Park, offers a unique twist on couture with dramatic, glittery clothes seen on Cardi B, Bella Hadid, and Ariana Grande. At the same time, the young couturier has been making waves in the industry for the last two years.

Park will make her first in-person presentation during the upcoming Milan Fashion Week, a slot that Paper's fashion editor Mario Abad considers a must-see: "Her work is already so impactful online, so to be able to see her go to the next level in that way is exciting and is representative of her sheer creativity and unique point of view."


They make size-inclusive activewear and are based in New York. USA DAY/WON top fashion brands is the first sportswear brand to create every piece of clothing in sizes up to US 32, and we hope that other brands will follow suit.

DAY/WON is a size-inclusive athletic business that creates ethical clothes and ecological sportswear to help women feel confident in their bodies, no matter what shape or size they are. The eco-friendly activewear firm responsibly manufactures all of its clothes in New York, USA, from recycled materials.

11. Hackwith Design House

It is based in St Paul, Minnesota and produces limited-edition designs and critical wardrobe staples. Every one of their garments is handcrafted in the United States in St Paul, Minnesota, and everything is built to reduce waste.

Every week, Hackwith Design House, included in the top fashion brands, release a distinctive, limited-edition design in small batches of 25 units. They also feature a core line of fashionable clothing for all occasions. Hackwith Design House has only been operating since 2013, making them relatively fresh in comparison to other of the firms on this list, but they're already establishing a name for themselves.

12. Simplicitie

They manufacture and sell a wide assortment of basics and current styles from their factory in downtown Los Angeles. In addition, they create women's clothing for all occasions and are based in Los Angeles, California.

Simplicie has been in the made in America business for almost 25 years and is still going strong. However, many Made in the USA women's apparel companies are expensive, as you pay a premium for home manufacturing. Simplicitie, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and intends to remain so.

13.  Elizabeth Suzann

They produce sustainable apparel made from natural fibres and are based in Nashville, Tennessee. Elizabeth Suzann is a Nashville-based sustainable fashion firm to creates long-lasting, sustainable garments that you can wear for a long time.

They have an ethical supply chain and wish to improve our perception of clothing. In their Nashville headquarters, everything is cut and stitched. They produce their outfits with all-natural fibres and in various sizes. In addition, we partner manufacturers in Los Angeles knit their sweaters like their use of environmentally friendly products.

14. Gamine Workwear

They provide cozy-chic workwear made entirely of natural fibres. It is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Their garments are made to keep American workwear alive, and they design them to be both functional and fashionable. In addition, the theta partner manufacturer in Los Angeles knits their sweaters to create garments in tiny batches to reduce waste.

Gamine Workwear is a Portland-based women's made in the USA workwear brand. Gamine Workwear is devoted to expanding sustainably, and everything from the textiles used to the care tags and packaging is created from recycled or sustainable resources. They collaborate with professional tailors who employ traditional methods and are paid a living salary.


If you want to shop from top fashion brands that make their garments in the United States, this list is a beautiful place to start. These companies manufacture all of their products in the United States and support local workers in the process.

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