Xbox Won't Turn On- Things To Do

Xbox Won't Turn On- Things To Do

The Xbox One is a popular video gaming console, yet it, like any other device, is not without flaws. It will occasionally refuse to turn on. The Xbox One, unlike the Xbox 360 and its Red Ring of Death, lacks as many apparent external clues to difficulties. This means you should rule out problems from the most likely to the least likely, especially if the gadget won't switch on and displays an error code.

It can feel like a game over when your Xbox Series XTM won't switch on, especially if you don't know what caused the problem or how to fix it. Unfortunately, this game system, like its predecessor, the Xbox One®, and its smaller, less priced sibling, the Xbox Series STM, is prone to malfunctions. However, because Assassin's Creed® Valhalla won't play itself, there are a few options for getting everything back up and running.

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Xbox Won't Turn On- Reasons

Hardware, software, and power supply issues are the most typical causes of your Xbox not turning on. Here's why you might have these problems:

  • First, your Xbox's internal components are broken or malfunctioning.
  • Second, the Xbox power cord is either defective or poorly attached.
  • Third, your Xbox may be overheated since it isn't sufficiently ventilated.
  • Finally, due to inadequate upgrades, the Xbox may have corrupted software, firmware, or game files.


Is your Xbox One beeping but not powering up? Don't be alarmed if this is the case. Before you send the Xbox in for repairs, there are a few simple fixes you may make.

A number of fixes are listed below. In addition, follow our easy step-by-step guide to troubleshoot your Xbox One if it won't power on.

Examine the Controller

The first thing you should do is make sure your controller is operating properly. If you tried to turn on the console with it, try using the manual switch on the console unit itself. If the console turns on when you hold down the power button, you're dealing with a controller issue.

Make sure your controller's batteries are fresh by changing them. Turn the console off, then try to turn it back on with the controller.

If the problem persists, use a USB connection to connect the controller to the Xbox. If it still won't turn on using this way, it's time to get a new controller.

Power Supply

After you've checked the controller, look at your power supply. If the Xbox isn't getting enough power, it won't work. Because this is an electrical appliance, proceed with caution. Also Read Fix Overheating Issues in PS5.

Begin by examining the connections. The power supply should be securely put into the console's rear and fully plugged into the wall socket. Then use a voltmeter to verify the socket, or try putting the Xbox into a different power source on a separate circuit to see if it works.

Once you've connected it in, the power block should have an LED light that will turn on. If you see a constant white or orange light, your Xbox may need to be serviced by a specialist. If you see a blinking orange light, the power supply has to be replaced completely.

Strips of Power

If you're using a power strip, make sure it's working. Remove everything from the strip, including the Xbox, and check one item that you know works, such a TV or a hairdryer. If it works, the power strip is in good shape.

Gradually add objects to the strip to ensure it isn't overburdened. Some strips incorporate safety mechanisms that, in the event of an overload, burst their fuses, protecting electrical devices. If your strip stops working, you should replace it right away.

Change Wall Outlet

If your Xbox is plugged into a separate circuit, try replacing the wall socket. If it works, your home's electrical system may be malfunctioning. Try plugging in other objects to check whether they work in the prior socket.

Take a trip to your fuse box if they don't. You should double-check that all of the fuse switches are turned on. It's possible that one of them tripped without your knowledge.

Tap Eject

This is by no means a technical solution, but many users have reported that hitting the eject button on the disc drive can solve an Xbox that isn't booting up. This must be pressed quickly when the computer first starts up.

Internal Power Supply (IPS) Reset

If you've ruled out controller and power supply issues, the Xbox is most likely the source of the problem. In this case, a reset of the internal power source is required.

Begin by unplugging the Xbox's power cord from the back. Wait ten seconds, reconnect, and then hit the Xbox button on the controller.

If you're using the original Xbox, you'll need to follow some specific instructions. After 10 seconds, plug the power into the wall, followed by the console. Your console should power on and boot up again, hopefully. If not, a professional service or repair may be required. It is recommended that you hit the button repeatedly, with some users reporting that holding the middle controller button has also resulted in it starting up.

Because Of The Heat, The Xbox Won’t Turn On

Because of the rush to make new consoles smaller and more powerful, they are all prone to overheating. If you put them somewhere hot or live in a humid area, this might be exasperating. While consoles contain internal fans, they must be thoroughly aired in order to function properly.

Remove any things from the area around the console, and if it is near a heating system or radiator, rearrange it. Air should be able to escape through the vents. Overheating is the most likely cause of your Xbox shutting down in the middle of a gaming session.

If it still won't function, take it to a professional. They may need to clean the internal fan in order for it to function properly.

Check the Settings

Finally, if you can still get the console to start up but not play, you can go at the settings. You must go to the settings menu and select power and start-up.

Instant-on is a function on the Xbox. This allows it to switch on faster by not completely shutting it down and instead of placing it in a stasis mode. However, it may cause problems while starting up.

Change it to energy-saving mode instead. Then turn on the auto-shutdown feature. Your console should now shut down completely, which may aid startup in the future.

Still, Xbox Won’t Turn On

If your Xbox One still won't switch on after all of this, you'll need to seek professional assistance. Many Xbox One consoles will come with a warranty, but if your warranty has expired or you need a speedy fix, look for a local repair shop.

If you find yourself in this situation, Fruit Fixed can get your Xbox up and running again. We can provide accurate estimates and evaluations, as well as have parts on hand for quick repairs. Please contact us right away to discuss your console requirements.

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